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In addition to the Powerhouse, we have a new building suitable for workshops for small groups, with kitchen facilities.Suitable for clay workshops, printing workshops etc
The Workshop - Y Gweithdy for hire.



Penelope Clark 01559 384 849 

Publicising your event

When you hire the Pwerdy-Powerhouse you are responsible for publicising your event / course / workshop / exhibition.

However if you send your information to us we can help with your publicity by placing it on our website, our social media pages and via our e-newsletter.  
Please provide the information in both Welsh and English. If you need help translating let us know, we will help you.
Information we need: 
  • Title: of your course / workshop / event / exhibition:
  • Date(s):       
  • Opening time:                                                                           
  • Closing Time:
  • Contact details for bookings and further information: 
  • Cost of event:
  • Description: (This is what we will use to put on our website etc) 
  • Images:
    • Please send an image (jpg, pdf, png).  Something which illustrates your event, a poster is fine.
    • The image should be at least 1920 pixels wide and 72dpi but if it is a higher resolution and bigger in size we can use that. (We can always make big images small, but never make small images big). 
Please email to at least 2 weeks before the start of your event.

Download the Publicity form here.